Dr. Strange Blog: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love to Blog

1st World Problem My Blog Is Complete Crap
This is not the right attitude to have!

Yes, my second post!
My track record with blogs has been terrible. I started one LiveJournal back in 2006, I think. I posted there about twice, and after I forgot the password for a long time, then remembered it, I cancelled my account. Dauntless, I started another LiveJournal, and didn’t even post twice there. I cancelled that account as well, obviously.
I had a previous WordPress account as well, after my two LiveJournal fails. I did post more often on here, but it was all pretty pointless in my opinion. I lost interest, and quit the account in 2012.
What has changed? It’s simple, really. This blog has purpose. I’m “building a platform,” you know…
What’s going to be on this blog? I think there will be five main categories of posts:
1) The Saturday Evening (Writing) Posts. As the title suggests, this will be a post devoted to The Writing Life and issues pertaining to writing. These may only be once a week, thus the title.
2) The Fearless Flyer Item Reviews. Whenever Trader Joes comes out with a new Fearless Flyer, I will do one or more product reviews. Riveting, I know. But I love Trader Joes, and feel badly for anyone who does not live near one. Of course, before we got one in my town, I had no idea what I was missing, either.
3) The “Steampunk or Real” Column. I did a massive amount of research for my new series, which will be a YA/Crossover fantasy with a Steampunk vibe. Even if I’m playing around with history, I feel passionate about having the facts set straight as well. I plan to use this column to do that.
4) Deleted Scenes. I think readers of my books should expect something from this blog that keeps them coming back for more. Deleted scenes from my books, as well as flash fiction based on the characters and situations from my books, will be in this section. They will most likely not appear anywhere else, like Wattpad or in a collected edition, though I suppose those are always options.
5) General Thoughts. A post like this one would fall under this category. Or sometimes if I decide to go on an epic rant, it would end up here.
It’s my feeling that if I keep the blog fun to write, instead of viewing it as a chore that pulls me away from my writing (or, ugh, the editing), I will be much more likely to keep it up. Of course, blogs evolve as well. But I wanted to set up the blog with these objectives set in indelible digital ink for the world to see, so that it’s apparent to my subconscious mind that I really am serious about the blog this time.


What do you think?

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