Not a Happy Camper!

I am now six days into April and haven’t written a single word for Camp NaNoWriMo.
I’m working on the cover for my book. I have very specific ideas about what I wanted for the cover, which is why I’m doing it myself. But it’s taking time. Time I really don’t have.
My dog isn’t feeling well. She’s aged a lot in the past month, so I’ve got her in the corner of my eye. I really wanted to release my first book this month, but I’m not sure it’s going to be ready in time.
And on top of all that, my day job is still crazy busy, and will be through April. And just to make life interesting, I need to decide where I’m going to move! I can’t stay in this place anymore, it’s broken down and I have an opportunity to move to a nicer place. But it’s a big decision that I need to make now, not in June…
However, I’ve got some changes I’m going to be making to spruce up the blog. But I’m going to have to roll out the changes more slowly than I’d like.
First change is that I may not bother with the Trader Joes Fearless Flyer Reviews after all. I’ve got plenty of material for this blog that I don’t need to deviate from the original purpose of my blog.
Second change will be redecorating the blog with some nice new graphics for the banner and the background. The cover art for my book should be done soon, so I can debut that as well.
Next will be the release of my first “Deleted Scene” from my first book. I think it will be a flash fiction or prologue for the book.
Then my first “Steampunk or Real” post should debut, probably after Book One’s release.
Oh, I still have Camp to actually participate in…


One thought on “Not a Happy Camper!

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