A Couple of Changes Around Here

Hey, I finally got my Gravatar done! This is bigness, greatness!

My new Gravatar image

Now that I at least have an image that you can see when I post a comment so I don’t look like I’m some spam account or a sock puppet, the next thing I’m aiming to fix up is the banner. Tired of it!
My Blogging University 101 is not going the way I expected it. I think I’ve done posts like the ones they are suggesting. I know I did it once already. This is of little concern to me.
My real disappointment is my Camp NaNoWriMo experience. I have only done about 9k words and it’s April 26th already! Failed! Only I can flunk out of camp, LOL.
It’s been a rough month. My dog passed away. I was supposed to launch my first book this month. Season has still not really ended around here. To be honest, I’m exhausted.
A few pluses: I’m now on Pinterest as sbjames101: http://www.pinterest.com/sbjames101/ Isn’t there supposed to be a widget for Pinterest on WordPress? Sources say that a Facebook page is imminent.
I’ve been thinking of doing character profiles on the blog. It would be AWESOME if I had illustrations of the characters, too…
When I publish The Inventor’s Son, soon following it will be a short novella-sized “prologue” which will be Perma-free. Then hopefully in the summer, I will have The Scientist’s son, book 2, ready to go. Wow, just typing the words got me excited!


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