To All My Followers

I wanted to thank all my followers! I just got the notification that I’ve reached over 20 followers on my blog! Well, the official count right now is actually 21, but this is great! Considering my previous track record with blogs, this is indeed a milestone for me.
I haven’t done much around here these past two weeks or so, but once my book gets launched, I promise that’s going to change. I’ve been having fun with the blog, much more than I had anticipated I would. Part of it is getting response from what I post, even if to some people it may not seem like a lot. Every bit counts, and I get to see just how much response I get to certain posts over others.
Right now I have to get back to uploading my book to KDP. Last week I did and I found, among other problems, that my clickable table of contents wasn’t working. I have since discovered a couple of things, and I plan on a future blog post about this topic, because I find that there’s just a lot of confusion about formatting. I have some programming background (on a very limited basis), but guess what? I don’t think you need one to format your ebook properly. Once my book is up and running on all the platforms I want (I think I’m going to do Amazon, Nook, iTunes, and Kobo for the time being), I can blog about my formatting adventures in detail.
So again, thank you! I’m planning that the next blog post will be the official announcement that my book has been published! 🙂


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