Social Network Fatigue? Not ME!

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I’ve been enjoying my time blogging on here. I enjoy Pinterest, especially when I’m waiting to be seated at a restaurant or doctor’s office waiting room and I get tired of playing 7 X 7. I even like to go on Twitter and see what the people I’m following are up to, though I’ve had to mute some of them because their tweets dominated the entire feed. But now I’m also on Google +, which surprisingly has been a pretty pleasant experience.
But I found that I just can’t get enough of FACEBOOK! I think it’s so great that while setting up my account I need to tell them all sorts of personally identifiable information, like where I went to high school or college, and where I live, and how old I am, and what music I like, and what tv shows I watch and what books I’ve read. The only thing I haven’t gotten around to yet is taking a picture of the cereal I ate for breakfast and posting it on Instagram! I love that some many of my friends care about things like that!
I also love the diversion from my writing! It gets difficult to write some many words about one character when I could be spending the time trading witty remarks on Goodreads, where I just set up an account. I’ve been resisting the temptation for a long time, but I just had to take the dive into that pit social network for book lovers and the suppliers of said books.
BTW, FYI, this post was inspired by the Post a Day “Game of Groans” prompt!

17 thoughts on “Social Network Fatigue? Not ME!

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      1. Twitter is fairly easy once you grasp the concept of hash tags. Using a Twitter client makes life a little easier too. I just really don’t like Facebook, especially for what I’m trying to use it for.


      2. Ok so I opened the Tweedeck that I had installed last year, tried it out and you are right. It does add a bit of ease to Twitter. I can see things a little more clearly and just now have to figure out how to create the lists, etc.

        Thanks so much for the advice.


      3. Oh oh – I have no idea what that is. Phone? I use iPhone.. I just have the Twitter app on it, but get too lost on it. The Tweetdeck is just awesome! I am playing with it and loving it. It’s a whole new world!


      4. I have an Android phone, and Plume is a Twitter client app. I’m not sure if you can use TweetDeck on the iPhone… I know there’s nothing for Android. I use TweetDeck on the computer. I don’t like the regular Twitter app for the Android either. Enjoy!


      5. Thanks for everything.. I so appreciate your time and explanation. I love it already. I will do a search at the istore to see what apps there are.
        Have an awesome day and weekend,


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