Some More Changes Coming…

Just a quick note. I may be changing my blog/website’s theme this weekend. I’m adding a few new pages. I’ve already got the one page up, ‘About Me.” I’ve already fixed “The Inventor’s Son” page to include info about my new prologue/prequel book due out this weekend or early next week. I also have the book covers on the page as well. Next I’m going to add a “Contact Me” page and get rid of the widgets on the sidebar since they clutter the page, IMO.
Then, once “The Inventor’s Son Prologue” is released, I’m going to get really started on getting book 2 “The Scientist’s Son,” written. I want to try and get some momentum; it’s been five days since I sold a copy of my book. Granted, it’s only been out for two weeks, and my marketing for the book has been limited to this blog and a few Tweets about it. I think I’ll be doing some sort of promotion for the prologue. It’s going to start at 99 cents, and what I might do is lower the price of Book 1 with the kdp select options that I’ve yet to use. The prologue may end up perma-free but I don’t know for sure at this point.
Happy Saturday, everybody!


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