Why I wrote a Prequel to My First Book

Before I even released The Inventor’s Son last month, I knew I had quite a bit of “just before the book started” material. I was driving somewhere when I got the idea to put some of this material, which might have interrupted the flow of the first book but seemed important nonetheless, into a “prelude” or “prequel” so that I could get this material out there. I got so caught up in the idea that I missed where I was going (note: having brainstorms during rainstorms is not the best idea when driving)!
I’m very pleased with the end result. I worked very hard to get this one up and running on Amazon within the month after I released Book 1, so that not too many people bought Book 1 before this came out. I wrote it with the idea that people would get gently introduced to the world I’m creating.
Now it’s full steam ahead (no pun intended) onto Book 2, The Scientist’s Son. It’s still in it’s first draft phase, but now that I’ve established in my own mind the direction I believe this series is heading, I can more easily and quickly connect the next dots.
My next goal is to get the Prologue up on Nook, and possibly on Kobo as well. I will follow up with making The Inventor’s son available for the first time on Nook as well. Hopefully, I will also have The Scientist’s Son finished by mid August-early September.
My goal by the end of 2014 is to have four books available: the Prologue, The Inventor’s Son, The Scientist’s Son, and (the one book I’m so excited to get to write) The Explorer’s Son. Then in 2015 I can finish out the series as I had planned with the final two books.
It is because I’ve got a pretty tight schedule that I might not blog as much as I’d like, but I’m still going to try and blog at least twice a week. In the coming weeks, I’m hoping to get some character profiles and other things up on the blog as well so everyone can get some insight on them straight from me. Stay tuned!


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