The Great Digression

Yes, I’m right now, at this very moment, writing a blog post instead of writing my new book. Book 2 beckons, my new characters are stomping and snorting and scratching and threatening to explode in my head. But they don’t understand that I, their maker, recently took up the wand of the f***-up fairy and headed over to Amazon.
While there, the havoc I wreaked included the following:
Took my book out of all Juvenile categories. I cannot explain this action aside from the fact that I didn’t like actually ranking in the top 100 of any category, let alone Teen & Young Adult Steampunk. Duh.
I got my books mixed up with the tome of, yes, another SB James, one who wrote a single novel filed under LGBT Erotica.
I managed to get my Prologue book listed under my Author Central page, which actually should be more popular considering it looks rather dystopian…

OK, my work there was done, now, on to Google. 😀

I Google my name. I figured, eh, I Googled myself two weeks ago, no need to keep doing it until, oh, it occurred to me that I might be writing other things besides erotica…
Besides, I’m used to seeing SBJames construction coming up first. I was listed first on the second page, with my Twitter account. Not first page like last time, but I figured this was because I hadn’t been trolling Google+ too much last week. Then, a bit further down the page, I see SB James book The Inventor’s Son available at Amazon, right along with…my alter ego’s LGBT Erotica book–on Goodreads!
Someone had put my book on Goodreads!
And it hadn’t been me!
WTF is wrong with me?

I went to kboards and kvetched there all night about it. Someone told me I was being too hard on myself, essentially, since they didn’t understand Goodreads as well as kboards either.
Just goes to show what happens with your SEO while your busy doing things like, oh, I don’t know, writing?

Well, at least my book got tweeted by Steam Core, who I’m going to look up in a minute. I hope next week works out a bit better!


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