C’mon Man! Should I have to Start Another Blog?

40 Best Android Apps for Blogging http://drippler.com/updates/share/40-best-android-apps-blogging Via j.mp/drippler_app

Yeah, this post had started as a link shared about the above topic. I actually am not the world’s biggest fan of the WordPress App for Android. I find I can do much more from my PC than from the tablet when it comes to blogging.
Now that I think I’m starting to straighten out my Goodreads profile (which they were very prompt to fix, IMO), I can also start a blog on there!
My question is…Do I really want to start blogging there too? On the one hand, I can focus my blog there directly on my books whereas my blog here tends to meander on a few different, book-related subjects, but more about writing than about the actual books, so far. They’ll be right there, in the blog readers faces! Maybe I can be cheesy and post the same things on two different blogs, or reblog myself! Ha!
On the other hand, I already feel like I’m spreading myself too thin (wow, two cliches in one sentence. Now you know I’m tired).
I’m working on improving my book cover for The Inventor’s Son. It’s not going to be dramatically different (ie. Ethan is not going to be dressed in an iron corset. The poor kid’s got enough trouble!) It’s still going to retain the feel of an old book cover. But I want to integrate the red linen in the background and do some more stuff with the borders. Maybe there will be three colors instead of just the maroonish color and the silver.
I have fun doing this kind of stuff. At heart, I’m an artist. I always will be. Do I have time to upload stuff to deviant art? Probably not, though it’s a thought.
I’m also working on getting The Inventor’s Son Prologue onto Nook and possibly Google Play (which I realize not that many people have experience with) and maybe even Kobo. The idea is, I don’t want to be exclusive to Amazon any more after August, if I can help it. There may even be, by the holidays, a paperback version of all the novel-length books I will have published so far (hoping for Book 3 by the end of the year)!
Then I can do a “Goodreads Giveaway!” Yay for me!
Now I’m off to trolling Twitter, so my SEO stays relevant another day. Have a great rest of the weekend!


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