Would I want to Relive this Past Week?

If I could relive this past week, I’m not sure I would. Although the past week included releasing my novella, I feel like the launch got a bit botched, but it wasn’t so bad that time did not take care of it.
I had to drop off my car to get a paint job, so I had to rent one that I HATED! If I relieved the week over again, I might accidentally kill someone the next time around since that car had something wrong with it–the rear window was so small I couldn’t see out of it! A Dodge Avenger, an awful car, and a gas guzzler; I filled the tank back before giving the car back tot he rental place only to blow $20 to fill it a quarter tank! Enterprise gave me a dirty car that was red with black interior and stunk from cigarettes. Nope, that part of last week was not something I’d care to repeat!
Already, this week is better. I think, as of right now, I’d like to relive this week. Today was a good day for the most part. I’ve been connecting with people today, getting some things in order for the next few weeks. I got some things accomplished, starting Sunday, actually, with my next book.
Now, seriously, I need to buckle down and start really writing! The socializing has to get cut back again. 😦 But at least next week I have a little time off because of the July 4th weekend. Maybe I can go to the beach early in the day and take some pictures…
This is my Post a Day entry.


4 thoughts on “Would I want to Relive this Past Week?

  1. Yeah, that pesky socialising… I didn’t get any writing done at all between friday night and sunday afternoon because of it. I’ve got the sample of your novella in my kindle, going to check it out after I finish the books I’m currently reading. Keep it up, mate 🙂


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