Islands in the Stream

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When asked what my favorite procrastination destination is, I answer, “How do I pick just one?”
Long ago, it was browsing the user comments after political articles on Yahoo! It was more than just procrastination, it was an addiction. It was as if the world would explode if I didn’t read what the latest Yahoo! was rambling about. I abandoned them eventually once I realized it was taking a terrible toll on the way I viewed my fellow neighbors and friends.
Last summer, it was all about Candy Crush. The glittering candies exploding, the silly music (which I eventually figured out how to mute), and “Sugar Crush!” I hit a wall with that, however, once I got to around level 180 and just couldn’t break it down.
The tablet is the enabler. There’s just so many games I can play, and I can tell myself, “I’m doing this to keep from getting Alzheimer’s disease later in life!” But the truth is, for the present anyway, it’s a means of passing time. It’s even a means of procrastinating from activities like Facebook and Pintrest, though I tend to enjoy them once I actually get around to doing them! It’s as though thes things are islands where I can land while the stream of life rushes around me.
Some people might even think that writing this post is a form of procrastination, since I’m in the midst of writing Book 2 of my series. but I’ve got a perfect excuse; I’m always told to blog, blog, blog by anybody who knows about building a “brand.”
Which reminds me, I have to make some new graphics for my “brand,” so that’s a great excuse to not blog until I get some of those up… but first I’ve got a game of 7X7 to finish.


3 thoughts on “Islands in the Stream

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  2. Haha yeah, I know exactly what you mean. When I’m not writing, working, or marketing online, I either play Spider Solitaire on my phone or I watch T.V. Granted, we all need the occasional break, just as long as it doesn’t take away from our daily responsibilities 🙂

    ~K.J. Bryen,


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