Plenty of Things Coming Up With Me!

The Final Design For The Scientist's Son Cover!
The Final Design For The Scientist’s Son Cover!

Yes, this is the final design! I had made the decision last week, but didn’t want to actually announce it until…

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I had anticipated this book being a difficult one for me to write from the very beginning. I was introducing a character into Ethan’s life who made me rather nervous. I had originally wanted to use April’s Camp NaNoWriMo to draft this book, but April was a big mess, so July ended up being the month when I could finally write the draft. August was when I edited, and I thought, after getting the “final” edit finished in late August, that I was good to go.
But then, the plot nagged at me. I was not happy with it. And I was stuck! I’d gone and told everybody that it was going to be done before September, and it turned out I had nothing that I wanted to publish!
Throughout September, I touched it up, messed with some of the chapters, but I STILL wasn’t happy with it. October came, and I was feeling quite depressed about not being able to get this book where I wanted it to be.
Even selecting the cover design (which readers of this blog will know) was a struggle. I did not want to promote anything again until the next book was out, and as a result, The Inventor’s Son has been lolling around on Amazon and Nook with a pretty lousy ranking. But do not worry!
As soon as I get the link to The Scientist’s Son’s Amazon page, I will put that link into The Beginning and The Inventor’s Son and then start promoting it as much as I can between November 1st and November 18th, which will be the official 6 month anniversary of the publication of The Inventor’s Son!
In between this will be… NaNoWriMo. The November one. The big deal of NaNos. And my project for NaNoWriMo 2014 is, of course, The Explorer’s Son, Book 3. And I’m really excited to start this one! I am hoping beyond hope that this book will be the easiest of the five books. I need a break between Book 2 and Book 4, which I know won’t be an easy book to write either.
While doing all this, I’m going to be gradually updating and upgrading my “brand.” Anyone on kboards will have seen my new avatar, taken straight off the newly redesigned cover of The Inventor’s Son. I will be making one or two minor adjustments, then starting to integrate it everywhere: Facebook and Twitter banners, avatars for Google+, kboards, Goodreads, and even here on WordPress.

This is the Raw Version of my "Brand"
This is the Raw Version of my “Brand”

Coming in 2015, I will be starting work on my own self-hosted site, where I’ll have a bit more flexibility than I have here. I don’t think I will be taking down this blog here, nor do I think I will stop posting here. But some of my more important posts, including Meet My Characters, are getting ported over there.
I hope you will be seeing a lot more of me in the next couple of months. Happy Halloween!


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