On “Pulp Speed” And Other Ideas

First, for your Sunday, some Spaceballs, because, well, this scene does have a little bit to do with this post…

Now, for the little more serious business, I’m going to post a link to what has inspired some of this: Dean Wesley Smith’s post about “Pulp Speed,” which I actually first read about on Passive Guy’s blog, and then noticed the growing thread on kboards about it.

In the post, he warns this kind of speed is not for every writer. However, such speed is something to aspire to. But there were a few other points he made that resonated with me far more than the speeds he was contemplating… In one of the comments to his post that he answered he noted that an author’s dependence on “crutches” like first readers, beta readers and editors to get work published will make the task of producing a “clean first draft” nearly impossible.

It got me to thinking about how horrible a process I went through editing The Scientist’s Son. I don’t recall having such difficultly with editing anything I had ever written prior to that experience. It left me feeling like I’d never get The Explorer’s Son ready until at least April of next year, and I don’t want to wait that long.

So perhaps a new way of thinking about how I write in the first place is what is needed. Maybe instead of the first draft being this mass of words (for NaNoWriMo), it could be cleaner and more focused to start. I won NaNoWriMo with the first draft of The Explorer’s Son, but to tell the truth, I have more to do, and only about 35k of what I wrote in November is usable, even if edited.

I’m estimating The Explorer’s Son is going to hit about 75k words by the time I get done. This means I have 4ok more words to finish it. Now my challenge is doing this as quickly as possible. I want to keep any momentum I had going from my November-long promotions getting Book 1 into more people’s hands and on their e-readers, and I think at this point the only ways to do that are to finish and publish The Explorer’s Son as quickly as I can and to put The Inventor’s Son: The Beginning on Wattpad, so a new audience will be introduced to it.
Here is The Inventor’s Son: The Beginning Part 1, from Wattpad…

To do this, I may just need to go to Ludicrous Speed! But the burning question remains: will I go to plaid?

I also have a full preview of The Inventor’s Son: The Beginning on Goodreads. I think people will even be able to download it from there as an EPUB, so there’s no need to go to Amazon for the free download if you don’t want to anymore.

Speaking of Amazon, I’m planning a follow-up post to my Amazin’ Amazon? Or Unlimited Fail post once I get the numbers about what the Kindle Unlimited payout to authors participating in the program have earned for the month of November.


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