A Dilemma About What To Do Next

This is what I'd like to start doing on Twitter: posting things like this.
This is what I’d like to start doing on Twitter: posting things like this.

I have a startling thing to admit: I’m stuck in a rut!
I want to keep working on The Inventor’s Son, because this series is what is inspiring me at the moment. However, I’m working on a part of The Explorer’s Son in which Ethan, the main character, is diving into a deep depression, and I cannot seem to wrestle him (and therefore myself) out of it. I obviously don’t want to keep him in this state, but because of the plot, he’s having a very difficult time. I often wonder how some of these fictitious characters manage to keep themselves from going off the deep end from all the trouble they encounter. Is it realistic to have them continuously pull out of it and just go merrily along with no worries? I mean, in real life, some of us get traumatized from watching beheading videos, or even hearing about beheadings on news reports. If our characters were real people, how would they be able to be so resilient that they just are unaffected by all the terrible things we authors put them through?
This is my dilemma: do I keep trying to have Ethan work through these issues in a realistic manner, or do I just have him snap back, keep calm and carry on?
Yeah, this!
Yeah, this!

Other things have surfaced as far as priorities are concerned, since I’ve got this block I need to clear out with my character… Such as, what web hosting service I want to use for my new website. I’ve got some web building skills that I learned a long time ago, but things have changed and it seems that nowadays a lot of people making their own websites use WordPress.org, but I’m concerned that I might feel limited by using it. I find I often outgrow things quickly, and this would mean I should get something more souped-up. But I also have limited time. So I’m kind of in a quandary about that issue.
I also want to get my Twitter account a bit more active, but again, I don’t have loads of time to devote to sitting in front of the computer and hand-typing tweets about my books, etc. So I signed up for Social Oomph, which might help with scheduling some recurring Tweets for me, but I don’t want to get too over-automated either, because I HATE Twitter-bots with particular venom.
I do a GREAT DEAL on Google+. Far and away my most successful social medium, but I realize not everyone is even aware of Google+ being a thing. So I suppose what I should be doing is starting to concentrate on other venues for social interaction besides Google+, but I’m still no fan of Facebook and their post throttling.
So I continue to wrestle with my various demons. I’m grateful I can do a little venting over here, on my blog. 🙂


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