It must be VERY exciting to be in an anthology!


I did a crazy thing and got published in an anthology.  I’m still rather amazed when I look at the cover.  See, my name, it’s right there.  (Pointing and gleeful giggling ensue.)

It’s a really cool project that I’m glad to be involved in.  It is a book of firsts, by which I mean first stories in a world or series, not firsts in publishing.  Most of the other science fiction and fantasy authors have many stories under their belts.  They aren’t noobs like me.  xD  It has been a pleasure working with them and I am certainly eager to try new opportunities like this in the future.

If you would like to check out ENCHANTMENTS & EXPERIMENTS, that would be super awesome.  I recommend the Jewish SF story about a desperate factory worker and a golem.  Also, I’d love some feedback for my story about a young alchemist…

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