We Were Experiencing Technical Difficulties…


If it seems like I’ve been a bit out of reach last week, it’s because my phone simply decided it needed a complete overhaul and I had to do a factory reset. I’m amazed at how much I actually do with my smart phone. In fact, I’m writing this very post with my phone at this moment.
It’s made me think a bit about how accustomed I’ve gotten to having Facebook and Twitter at my fingertips, having WordPress and Instagram available on demand, being able to pay for my Starbucks coffee with mobile pay before the guy doing the Starbucks run even steps through their door. Even as recently as five years ago, most of this was still in its infancy, or nonexistent. Would you say that I’m a power user? Yep, I would!
This dependency on technology at times makes me a bit wary. What if all of this really was gone tomorrow? I know, I know, sounds like yet another post apocalyptic story, but I suppose I understand now why that has been such a popular genre for books and TV shows.
Would I be able to live without my Any.do app? Or Evernote? What about Twitter and Facebook, which I tried valiantly not to put back on my phone, but in the end realized I “needed” so I can keep track of friends driving up north while a hurricane is brewing off the coast, or to see when the next webinar might be teaching place? Ooh, I definitely “need ” Instagram this month, as I’m participating in inktober2015.
Are there any apps that you simply can’t live without, even though you wish you could?


What do you think?

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