I’m Quickly Becoming a Canva Addict!


Seriously! They are very reasonably priced (heck, a lot of what they offer is free), easy to use, and I barely have to think about it. This blog graphic took me less than 5 minutes, start to finish. Canva has become one of the sites I go to if I’m needing something fast and not too involved. Today I used them for the above graphic as well as a graphic for my epic post on my first excursion into Facebook ads on my other blog.

I use them so I don’t have to waste a whole lot of time with image creation when I have a lot of writing to do. Are there limits to what I can do with Canva? Of course! For instance, I don’t think they would have been able to pull off this image I created for my Facebook ad campaign:


That image technically took me three different programs plus a public domain image from the era featured in my books to create. So for the hardcore image creation, I’m obviously still using much more difficult programs. Compared to this type of work, Canva is like a vacation for image editing!

Have you used Canva before? Is there another site that works well for cheap to free image creation and editing? Let me know in the comments!

click here to find out


2 thoughts on “I’m Quickly Becoming a Canva Addict!

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