Some More Details on my Updates to The Inventor’s Son Series

Hello, everyone! This morning, I took the first steps to changing the price of The Inventor’s Son back to $3.99. The price has already changed at Google Play because such changes are usually immediate there. I suspect it will be a few days before the change is completely done with Amazon because Nook takes a little time to change pricing as well. Amazon likes to price match as long as one of their competitors has a lower price on a book, and in my experience, Nook has always been the laggard.

I have decided to leave the price of the boxed set at $3.99 temporarily. This is probably because I will be releasing a new boxed set when I release The Traitor’s Son, and it will include The Inventor’s Son, The Scientist’s Son, and The Explorer’s Son, and that set will probably be priced at $7.99. The Inventor’s Son: The Beginning is still up for sale through the end of the week, but it will be unpublished by October 1. It will always be available for free to anyone that wants a copy if they join my email list, and who knows, it might appear on Instafreebie from time to time as well.

So, as for progress on The Traitor’s Son, it is in its final stages. I did get set back a little, but I’m sorted out now that the worst of the power outages, internet outages, and supply shortages from Hurricane Irma are behind us in my immediate area. I’m going to try and streamline the formatting process so that I can get the paperback and eBook copies for sale at the same time this time around, rather than having the paperback delayed for a long time, but if I find that my system is not working, I will release the eBook version early, then release the paperback when I have it finished.

You’ll see more from me soon!