About Me

Sarasota Palm Tree
As seen from the base of the John Ringling Bridge in Sarasota, FL.

I’ve been writing since I was in seventh grade. You see, before I wrote, I drew. I doodled on the backs of homework papers, test papers, anything that took pencil well. By the time I started seventh grade, with the shift in schedules and overall maturity level, the drawing ebbed away, and writing took over.
The first piece I began writing during History class, about a boy whose older brother was killed in a carriage accident. My friend got a hold of the little address book I was using to write in and once she was done, she asked me to continue it. That story never really materialized, though I did get into a nasty habit of writing little stories about my classmates. These proved quite popular, but then I had to change schools, and I lost my audience.
I took Speech and Creative Writing in my junior year of high school in a shore town in New Jersey,and though we all began to develop cheek twitches by the end of the year because one girl had them at the beginning, my journal was the key to my good grades in that class. I still thought I was going to Parsons after I graduated, but life took me down a different direction.
I ended up working for many years in a store which sold, among other things, used books. This was when my reading career really took off. I recall debating with myself dozens of times before finally picking up the copy of The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan. I was a big fan of Legend of Zelda, and the book’s artwork reminded me of the video game, so I decided I’d give in to the urge to read it. At this time, fifteen books later, I still haven’t officially finished them.
In between those books, I’d read countless romances (Regency, Historical, Contemporary and some Romantic suspense. Paranormal wasn’t too big back when I stopped reading so much romance), some horror, some mystery, some science fiction (though I’m not a big fan of hard sci-fi, and even as a writer I will tend toward the magic more than the tech), and a sampling of just about every other genre you can think of.
Throughout the years, I’ve gotten some ideas that stuck in my mind about potential books and series of books, and I’ve started preliminary plans on every one of them. The Inventor’s Son is based on an idea I’ve had for over twenty years and has evolved into the end result you can now download for yourself. In the coming years, I’ve got a vampire series planned, an angel series, as well as some good old fashioned space opera (fun fact: The Inventor’s Son was started, in developing drafts, as a space opera!)
I hope that you enjoy reading my works. Though writing can be very tough and sometimes lonely, I know I can never stop writing!


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