Putting the Paperback Book Theory to the Test!

Actual photo is coming soon!

For a really long time, I’d put off creating paperback versions of my books. Conventional wisdom was that having them was really for a lark, and that very few people ever sold an appreciable number of them. I’m going to get the chance to see whether they are correct about this or not, because as of now, The Inventor’s Son is finally available in paperback!
Readers can buy it through CreateSpace, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and likely a number of other places (which I’ll probably have to track down). Just a side note to the authors who read this blog: I noticed that Amazon did NOT link the paperback to the Kindle edition until I wrote to KDP, while Barnes & Noble (who I didn’t even publish the eBook directly with) was able to link the paperback to the eBook with no problem whatsoever. It also appeared at Barnes & Noble far more quickly than I was led to believe it would. One more thing I noticed: Apparently, there are 3rd party sellers already listing the book to sell on my Amazon page, though they definitely DO NOT have the book in their hands yet! One of the perils of Expanded Distribution, I guess. If I see the book starting to sell in paperback format, then I suppose I have to be a little more concerned than I am now.

Once I have links for The Scientist’s Son and The Explorer’s Son, naturally I will put them in as well. Until then, watch for the cross-promo I’ll be doing with some other authors around November 23 to promote the paperback version (the hook being that you can get the Kindle version for free if you buy the paperback book as a gift for the holidays through the Kindle Match program). I’m glad for this promo because frankly, it lit a fire under me to get the book finally done! In the meantime, I’m working on NaNoWriMo 2016, which means I might or might not be posting a whole lot more here this month, but you can watch every weekend for some new posts being added from the Author Social Media Deep Dive.

This Weekend, Grab Some Great FREE Books!

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These books are not only available on Amazon, but other retailers like Apple, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, Smashwords and Google Play. Here’s how it works: just click on the image above or…

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And you will see the icons for your preferred eBook retailer. Click on one of them and you’ll see the books that are available from that retailer. (My book is available at all of them except Smashwords).

Also, please spread the word if you know anyone else who might enjoy some free books! Have a great weekend!

Daily Prompt: Unfinished

via Daily Prompt: Unfinished

Thanks to Quentin Tarantino, the first thing I think of now when I hear the word “Unfinished” is Kill Bill:

But I digress, which is why I have unfinished business…
I’m tinkering with my website AGAIN! That seems to never be finished. With the transition of making my book 1 permafree instead of the prequel novella, I have realized that I’ve neglected a lot of my marketing and now have to step it up dramatically.

Also unfinished (but will be finished in October) is my print book project. The Inventor’s Son and The Scientist’s Son are just about done with the formatting.

Might this someday be a reality?

I have The Explorer’s Son to finish, creating a template for the book covers, and possibly I might create a print version of The Inventor’s Son: The Beginning if I think there is a possibility someone might want it. Although I’ve seen series where books like ISTB end up as eBook only as well, so we’ll see. I’d love to have them ready for the holidays!

What do you think? Should I do the prequel novella as a print book or not?

A Quick Update on the Status of The Inventor’s Son

thenewIScover2015Last week I had mentioned that I was switching out my permafree book. Well, since then, The Inventor’s Son: The Beginning is reverted back to a paid book on all sales channels (and I resumed putting it on Scribd and 24Symbols), and now I have gotten The Inventor’s Son free on all sales channels besides Amazon. Google Play books had the price changed first, soon followed by Kobo, then Apple and Barnes & Noble (who, I have to say, has really improved the price change turnaround times since last year). Now, I have to get Amazon to price match. This time around I will fight with them to get the price free in every store Amazon runs, not just the US, CA and UK stores. I always felt bad that they would not price match the other book in the AU store.

It’s been said that customers reporting a lower price elsewhere has a bit of influence. I will do what I can on my end, but watch this space. If I can’t get the price match in a certain country, I will let you know. If anyone is interested in getting the Kindle version from the Amazon store in their country, they should not be excluded.

Of course, there is one other alternative: it can get delivered to your inbox if you let me know where to send it! Yes, this book is one of the lead magnets, as well as being a permafree in stores! (Please let me know if you just love the rockin’ landing page I whipped up, would you?)

I’m working on a post about the virtues of permafree. I know at one point I was dead set against it, but I’ve come to a realization over the past month or so that really drove home the power it still has. Not to mention this really great episode of the Rocking Self Publishing Podcast featuring Nathan Van Coops called “The Power of Free.” The only thing I can nitpick about this episode is the fact that Van Coops has the one permafree and the other two books are in Kindle Unlimited. Okay, that’s kind of off topic for this particular blog post, sorry about that! :-[

Also doing some more remodeling on my website, but not this blog. I’m really quite happy with this blog just the way it is at this point!


Summer’s Nearly Over, So It’s Time For Some Changes

pablo (1)

Back before I published my first book, I had the idea that I would make a special book that I could offer for free. The Inventor’s Son: The Beginning was the book that evolved into what we in the indie publishing world like to call a “permafree” book. That is, it’s a book that anyone could download from one of the ebook retailers for free. And since August of 2014, I had made The Inventor’s Son: The Beginning available on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Apple and a little later on from Google Play Books for free.

This morning, I went to my dashboard at Draft2Digital (a digital book distributor I highly recommend) and set the price back to $0.99. And then I went to Google Play Books and did the same thing. Once the price change is in effect, I expect that Amazon will stop the free price match and reset the price to $0.99 there as well.

You might be wondering, especially if you are a fellow indie author, why I decided to take ISTB off permafree. The short answer is because I am initiating a few really exciting changes, and for this to work, I need to have ISTB back to it’s original price. I don’t expect it to sell that well, but that’s hardly what I’m after, to be honest.

The longer answer is because… Drum roll please… I’m going to work on making The Inventor’s Son my permafree book! I’m creating a new funnel, one that uses The Inventor’s Son, the full length Book 1 of the series, to get readers introduced to the series. I am at a point now where readers who liked book 1 can go on to buy a book 2 and a book 3. Soon there will be a book 4 as well.

ISTB fits into this in two ways:

  1. Readers who liked The Inventor’s Son can then pick up ISTB as a prequel novella and I think there will be far more appreciation of the book if it is actually read after IS.
  2. Using IS as a loss leader from Amazon and the other retailers can get people to sign up for my mailing list by offering ISTB for free if they sign up (even though it’s available at a cost from the ebook stores). I think this creates more value for the reader by offering a thorough introduction to the series, and also by being on my mailing list, I can keep in better touch with them about other upcoming events and goodies in the works.

I will work on getting The Inventor’s Son priced to free as soon as the changes from The Inventor’s Son: The Beginning have gone through. In the meantime, I have posted the first chapter of The Inventor’s Son on Wattpad if you are a member and want to take a peek over there. I’m going to be uploading one chapter every couple of days until the entire book is posted. And I will soon be setting up a mailing list segment that gets The Inventor’s Son for free by signing up for the list. Watch this space for that if you are interested!

Psst… Wanna Get a Free Book?

mockcoverISTBcroppedCongratulate me, I finally got myself together enough to get my mailing list off the ground! Remember in my last post I mentioned that there would be another way to get the expanded version of The Inventor’s Son: The Beginning?  Well, this is how to get it:

Anyone who would like a FREE copy of the book, with brand new material added, setting the stage for the adventures that follow in The Inventor’s Son Series can have it delivered straight to their email box! I’ve got the book available in MOBI, EPUB, and PDF, and it’s not available stand alone like this in any of the sales channels. It’s my way of thanking you for joining my email list! To join, either click the book or click here!

A Quick Announcement: I’ve Got a Boxed Set!


It’s a collection of the first three books in The Inventor’s Son!

I have the “Boxed Set” Image for all sales outlets except Apple, on account of the fact that they don’t like the “3d boxed set” look. It should start appearing for sale over the weekend at AmazonGoogle Play Books, and between Monday-Tuesday, January 25th and 26th, for the rest.

By the way, there are some cool features in this boxed set:

  • an expanded version of The Inventor’s Son: The Beginning. It is NOT going to be available as the permafree that I have at all the retailers now, it’s only available in the boxed set… or one other way, which I will tell you all about in my next post!
  • All the nice new covers I made up are integrated into the boxed set. It took some ninja formatting, but I’ve got an upcoming blog post about that as well.
  • A couple of opportunities to join The Inventor’s Son Reader’s List and get another free book. Some of the sharper followers of this blog might notice that I’d eliminated all references to The World of The Inventor’s Son, and there’s a reason for it. I’ve taken it off Wattpad, gave it a makeover, and it is now in PDF format for readers who join my email list. I will be creating additional “World of” books in the future for the next volumes in the series, but The World of The Inventor’s Son covers The Beginning and The Inventor’s Son primarily.

Links for the book are upcoming, watch for them on my website.