Psst… Wanna Get a Free Book?

Congratulate me, I finally got myself together enough to get my mailing list off the ground! Remember in my last post I mentioned that there would be another way to get the expanded version of The Inventor's Son: The Beginning?  Well, this is how to get it: Anyone who would like a FREE copy of the …

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A Quick Announcement: I’ve Got a Boxed Set!

It's a collection of the first three books in The Inventor's Son! I have the "Boxed Set" Image for all sales outlets except Apple, on account of the fact that they don't like the "3d boxed set" look. It should start appearing for sale over the weekend at Amazon, Google Play Books, and between Monday-Tuesday, January 25th …

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The Explorer’s Son Will Be on Pre-Order!

I've decided to put The Explorer's Son on pre-order at Amazon. I will get the pre-orders set up on the other retailers tomorrow. The actual release date will be December 8, 2015!

The New Site is in the Works!

I'm now in the process of sorting out all the details about my new website! While exciting, it's also confusing a bit, so I have a lot more research and things to do so that I can possibly migrate this blog to the new website, which is a self-hosted WordPress site, BTW. I will keep …

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The Inventor’s Son Is Now Available On Oyster!

If you are an Oyster subscriber, you can now read all The Inventor's Son books!

My Books Will Soon Be Live On Google Play!

Hey, everybody! Just thought I'd give you all a quick update as to what's doing with me and my books lately! The number one thing is that The Inventor's Son has now been released for six months! I've decided that I will keep the sale going on this book until the end of the month. …

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Plenty of Things Coming Up With Me!

Yes, this is the final design! I had made the decision last week, but didn't want to actually announce it until... I HAVE PUBLISHED THE SCIENTIST'S SON! WooHoo me! I had anticipated this book being a difficult one for me to write from the very beginning. I was introducing a character into Ethan's life who …

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New Book Covers, Part Deux!

Last week I posted that I was doing new covers for my two existing books and I also posted pictures of two possible covers. I appreciate all the feedback I got on that post. To review, this is now going to be the new cover for The Inventor's Son: The Beginning which I did not …

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