It’s 2015, A New Beginning!

I've got big plans, and though I may not manage it all, I'm aiming to get as much done as I can so that I can feel productive.

Holiday Traditions of Mine, Past and Present

I thought about things I've done during this holiday season as compared to holiday seasons in the past. What do I do now that I used to do then? What have I dropped, and what have I picked up?

Speculative Fiction Blog Hop

I have agreed to take part in what we're calling the Speculative Fiction Blog Hop. The post prior to this one was on Dean F. Wilson's Blog. Dean is a fellow Steampunk author, as well as the author of The Children of Telm, an epic fantasy series. So, without any further ado, I've got a …

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Yes, I’m Alive! and Other News

I did another guest blog post, this time an interview, on Judy Goodwin's blog...

Blog Award Nomination?!

Last week, I was nominated by D.R. Sylvester for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I was shocked to be considered for anything like this, and if anything, I would nominate Writes & Responsibilities for the very same award! The blog is fun and a great read, so please pop by there and check it out! …

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Islands in the Stream

It was as if the world would explode if I didn't read what the latest Yahoo! was rambling about.

Here’s What I’d Really Love to Get Back to Doing! This is today's Prompt a Day. I actually have a whole list, but the main thing I'd love to do if I had more time is create some nicer artwork for this blog and for my non-existent website! I took art in school for years, but you'd never know it from the way my …

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Introducing…The Interrobang‽ (A little late in the day for this, but I was busy looking over old writing from four years ago and shaking my head at how much it has changed since I write more professionally now...) And there were are... The trailing off of the sentence or statement... but the punctuation that Dan Brown …

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Would I want to Relive this Past Week? If I could relive this past week, I'm not sure I would. Although the past week included releasing my novella, I feel like the launch got a bit botched, but it wasn't so bad that time did not take care of it. I had to drop off my car to get a paint job, …

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What Keeps Me From Sleeping at Night

There's a variety of things I do that keep me from going to sleep when I really ought to. Just last night, it was already 12:35 and there was someone I had corresponded with on Twitter (because there's ALWAYS someone to converse with on Twitter, no matter what time it is) that had sent a …

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