Daily Prompt: Unfinished

via Daily Prompt: Unfinished Thanks to Quentin Tarantino, the first thing I think of now when I hear the word "Unfinished" is Kill Bill: https://static.independent.co.uk/s3fs-public/thumbnails/image/2015/12/07/08/Uma-Thurman.jpg But I digress, which is why I have unfinished business... I'm tinkering with my website AGAIN! That seems to never be finished. With the transition of making my book 1 …

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A Quick Update on the Status of The Inventor’s Son

Last week I had mentioned that I was switching out my permafree book. Well, since then, The Inventor's Son: The Beginning is reverted back to a paid book on all sales channels (and I resumed putting it on Scribd and 24Symbols), and now I have gotten The Inventor's Son free on all sales channels besides …

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Summer’s Nearly Over, So It’s Time For Some Changes

Back before I published my first book, I had the idea that I would make a special book that I could offer for free. The Inventor's Son: The Beginning was the book that evolved into what we in the indie publishing world like to call a "permafree" book. That is, it's a book that anyone …

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The Facebook Boosted Post

You know how it is: you post something onto your Facebook Page, and no one sees it. It's not like no one cares, its that your post is not showing up in their Facebook News Feed. It makes you want to do a frowny face 😦 ! Facebook obviously became really all about the money …

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How to create a great box set

All interesting ideas I hadn’t thought of when creating my cover for my box set!

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Kobo Writing Life

By Tara Cremin

Box sets are hugely popular on Kobo at the moment. Our best selling titles on Kobo Writing Life are nearly always ones that are part of a greater series. It’s important to note that we have no limit on the price that you can set your box set. You can set as high as you’d like and still receive 70% royalties! Here are some tips to help you create a great box set.

The Content

Whether your box set is three books or ten books, you should really spend time ensuring that it’s easy to navigate through your finished ePub. You want your reader to be able to easily go through each title so it’s important that you check your Table of Contents. Maybe you don’t need to include a specific link to your acknowledgments or about the author section for each book. You may want to consider…

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Getting More Followers on Twitter: My Observations

Referring to my debut post on this blog, I had 268 followers on Twitter at the beginning of 2016. I am now up to 333 followers as of May 9, 2016 (I am following 320, FYI). And I have not done any post boosts or advertising on Twitter as of today. I actually meant to …

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I Have Commitment Issues

Oh, lordy, all of the above sometimes! An awesome post!

These Writerly Conundrums

Hey everyone!

So These Writerly Conundrums has been on a bit of an unexpected hiatus… which is largely my fault >.> But this month we have some things in store for you, and I am looking forward to getting this blog back up and running again.

Now… the main reason this whole hiatus happened is because sometimes, I have commitment issues. I decided I was going to commit to this blog but then I got a little lazy and had the mindset of ‘I’ll add this to my list and get to it later.’ Which, evidently, I didn’t do. Until now.


But that’s not the point of this blog post. Because, ladies, gentlemen and all my fellow writes – We all have commitment issues!

They come in all different forms and sizes. I’m going to run through a couple of them here, and then I will mention the solutions too.

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How Google AMP Could Affect Authors

I took a little break from the social media explorations, and recently returned to work, so it was back to the podcasts again. I decided to give a listen to the Social Media Marketing podcast and the most recent episode was a real eye opener! It is an often tense discussion about the AMP initiative and …

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Steampunk VS Gaslamp Fantasy

(Also posted on my website http://www.sbjamestheauthor.com) Recently I had come across the question of what the difference between Steampunk and Gaslamp Fantasy was. It started because I was telling people that I actually had written some Gaslamp Fantasy novels. It turns out that though people are actually familiar with what Gaslamp is, they aren’t aware …

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A Writing Book I Recommend: Take Off Your Pants!

This book had been recommended countless times to me, and until now, I hadn't gotten around to reading it. However, yesterday was destined to be a terrible writing day for me, because I woke up with one of those weather related headaches that linger all day. Once evening came, I was feeling a little better, …

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