A Writing Book I Recommend: Take Off Your Pants!

This book had been recommended countless times to me, and until now, I hadn't gotten around to reading it. However, yesterday was destined to be a terrible writing day for me, because I woke up with one of those weather related headaches that linger all day. Once evening came, I was feeling a little better, …

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On Becoming a More Productive Writer

I have been talking a lot about trying to shift the focus of my website and blogs. Yes, I have, technically, four blogs. One of them is this one, SB James Doing the Write Thing. This blog has evolved and become more of a place for authors than a place for my readers. I'm in …

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Looking Back on 2015

Of the things I wanted to accomplish, I actually did get some of it done!


Five Productivity Tools I LOVE!

NOTE: This is a post I've been very eager to  finish for quite a while. You might notice some of the changes going on around here. Soon you won't recognize this place, believe me! There is one thing that conspires against me this time of year... I realize that in many areas of the world right …

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The Explorer’s Son Will Be on Pre-Order!

I've decided to put The Explorer's Son on pre-order at Amazon. I will get the pre-orders set up on the other retailers tomorrow. The actual release date will be December 8, 2015!


5 Issues in My Indie Publishing World Now

I'm starting to notice a few different issues that indie authors like myself are contending with.


We Were Experiencing Technical Difficulties…

If it seems like I've been a bit out of reach last week, it's because my phone simply decided it needed a complete overhaul and I had to do a factory reset. I'm amazed at how much I actually do with my smart phone. In fact, I'm writing this very post with my phone at …

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