On Becoming a More Productive Writer

I have been talking a lot about trying to shift the focus of my website and blogs. Yes, I have, technically, four blogs. One of them is this one, SB James Doing the Write Thing. This blog has evolved and become more of a place for authors than a place for my readers. I'm in …

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I’m Quickly Becoming a Canva Addict!

Seriously! They are very reasonably priced (heck, a lot of what they offer is free), easy to use, and I barely have to think about it. This blog graphic took me less than 5 minutes, start to finish. Canva has become one of the sites I go to if I'm needing something fast and not …

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Looking Back on 2015

Of the things I wanted to accomplish, I actually did get some of it done!

And a New Year Begins…

2016 is already upon many of us as I write this! It is my sincere hope that we all, bloggers and readers, have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Whether your New Years resolutions are many and varied or your resolution is to not have New Years resolutions, I hope that success follows our …

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The Holidays are Here!

And I will be seeing you on the other side of the week with some new formatting posts!

Five Productivity Tools I LOVE!

NOTE: This is a post I've been very eager to  finish for quite a while. You might notice some of the changes going on around here. Soon you won't recognize this place, believe me! There is one thing that conspires against me this time of year... I realize that in many areas of the world right …

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5 Things to Remember When Doing Pre-Orders of Your Book

There is a difference between uploading a book for immediate publication as opposed to doing a pre-order.

5 Issues in My Indie Publishing World Now

I'm starting to notice a few different issues that indie authors like myself are contending with.

A Quick Note About My New Tumblr!

A quick note about a move I made earlier today: I started a new blog on Tumblr! I decided to use Tumblr to do my Steampunk themed blog, however, I may decide to reblog either here and/or at the Goodreads blog if I decide the post is worth doing that full-blown treatment. This does not …

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