A Writing Book I Recommend: Take Off Your Pants!

This book had been recommended countless times to me, and until now, I hadn't gotten around to reading it. However, yesterday was destined to be a terrible writing day for me, because I woke up with one of those weather related headaches that linger all day. Once evening came, I was feeling a little better, …

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On Becoming a More Productive Writer

I have been talking a lot about trying to shift the focus of my website and blogs. Yes, I have, technically, four blogs. One of them is this one, SB James Doing the Write Thing. This blog has evolved and become more of a place for authors than a place for my readers. I'm in …

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I’m Quickly Becoming a Canva Addict!

Seriously! They are very reasonably priced (heck, a lot of what they offer is free), easy to use, and I barely have to think about it. This blog graphic took me less than 5 minutes, start to finish. Canva has become one of the sites I go to if I'm needing something fast and not …

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5 Issues in My Indie Publishing World Now

I'm starting to notice a few different issues that indie authors like myself are contending with.


What I Did This Summer

Even though I don't go to school anymore, that does not mean I haven't had to keep learning new things.


Geeking Out With Sigil And EPUB Creation, Part 5

Apparently, Google Play Books didn't like my centering!


What It Means To Be Indie…

I've been a bit reflective on what it means to be an independently published author.