Geeking Out With Sigil and EPUB Creation, Part 3

This is the third part of an ongoing series regarding EPUB formatting, geared toward the adventurous indie author who would like to format their own books.


Geeking Out With Sigil and EPUB Creation, Part 2

I've managed to create my first fully formatted EPUB, using The Inventor's Son: The Beginning as my experimental book.

Amazin’ Amazon? Or Unlimited Fail, Part III

Based on the old system of Kindle Unlimited, if I had borrowed her book, she would not have been paid a penny, since I never made it past 10% of the book. Under the new system, she would have been paid a little bit, because she'd be paid by how many pages I read.

What Can An Author Do About The Endless Spam?

Tweeting to writers' groups who will retweet may get a "viral" tweet, but that tweet has been sucked up into the vortex of authors retweeting each other rather than by people actually interested in buying books.

5 Ways Moving to a New Place Gives You Perspective About Writing

As I quickly packed my belongings to move out of the rental in order to take possession of the new house in a timely manner, I started seeing some parallels between moving and writing and editing.

It’s 2015, A New Beginning!

I've got big plans, and though I may not manage it all, I'm aiming to get as much done as I can so that I can feel productive.

Amazin’ Amazon, Or Unlimited Fail, Part II

A great number of authors still enrolled in KDP Select are concerned that the royalty will decline even further, and that because their books are borrowed way more than are sold, their livelihoods are being threatened by this program.