On “Pulp Speed” And Other Ideas

To do this, I may just need to go to Ludicrous Speed! But the burning question remains: will I go to plaid?


Am I Crazy? Trying to Tackle “The Meatgrinder”

Last week, I saw an article about Oyster, an ebook lending service like Scribd and Kindle Unlimited, and how they operate and what they are looking to do with their service. I realized that one of the ways I can get my books on Oyster is to use Smashwords to distribute my books there. Right …

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Just Another Challenge!

I just signed up for WordPress' blog challenge thing. I think I'm now in overdrive with the challenges. What was wrong with me? Wasn't I challenged enough? Oh, I realized I never did a Saturday Evening Writing Post this week. My bad. I can make up for it with two next weekend, since I've got …

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