An Embedding Experiment I Hope Does Not Go Awry

You may know that Amazon has a cool feature for Kindle books where you can embed a preview right into a website page or blog post page. Now, on a site like this one, hosted on, embedded material like that is not supposed to work because of the secure environment here. I heard of …

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An Experiment With Kobo

As many of you who follow my blog may know, I use a distributor for my eBooks for many sales channels outside of Amazon. Draft2Digital is my key to getting into stores I know I'd never get into myself (like the Tolino dealers). However, I've been hearing a great deal about how much better it …

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This Weekend, Grab Some Great FREE Books!

Today starts the Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Promotion. There are over 100 books (including my own book, The Inventor's Son) included in this cross promotion, and this time, they are all FREE! Every book is in the fantasy or science fiction genres, and if you are a fan of either or both genres, you're …

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A Quick Update on the Status of The Inventor’s Son

Last week I had mentioned that I was switching out my permafree book. Well, since then, The Inventor's Son: The Beginning is reverted back to a paid book on all sales channels (and I resumed putting it on Scribd and 24Symbols), and now I have gotten The Inventor's Son free on all sales channels besides …

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Psst… Wanna Get a Free Book?

Congratulate me, I finally got myself together enough to get my mailing list off the ground! Remember in my last post I mentioned that there would be another way to get the expanded version of The Inventor's Son: The Beginning?  Well, this is how to get it: Anyone who would like a FREE copy of the …

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Looking Back on 2015

Of the things I wanted to accomplish, I actually did get some of it done!

5 Things to Remember When Doing Pre-Orders of Your Book

There is a difference between uploading a book for immediate publication as opposed to doing a pre-order.

What I Did This Summer

Even though I don't go to school anymore, that does not mean I haven't had to keep learning new things.

Geeking Out With Sigil And EPUB Creation, Part 5

Apparently, Google Play Books didn't like my centering!

The Inventor’s Son Is Now Available On Oyster!

If you are an Oyster subscriber, you can now read all The Inventor's Son books!