What I Did This Summer

Even though I don't go to school anymore, that does not mean I haven't had to keep learning new things.


5 Ways Moving to a New Place Gives You Perspective About Writing

As I quickly packed my belongings to move out of the rental in order to take possession of the new house in a timely manner, I started seeing some parallels between moving and writing and editing.

On “Pulp Speed” And Other Ideas

To do this, I may just need to go to Ludicrous Speed! But the burning question remains: will I go to plaid?

What Can an Editor Do For You?

Yes, this is first Saturday Evening Writing Post I've done in a few weeks. I've been working very hard polishing up my book, and this has been taking a lot of time. I've been thinking a lot a great deal about editors and their services lately (oops, I just used the word "lot" in the …

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