How Google AMP Could Affect Authors

I took a little break from the social media explorations, and recently returned to work, so it was back to the podcasts again. I decided to give a listen to the Social Media Marketing podcast and the most recent episode was a real eye opener! It is an often tense discussion about the AMP initiative and …

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A Quick Announcement: I’ve Got a Boxed Set!

It's a collection of the first three books in The Inventor's Son! I have the "Boxed Set" Image for all sales outlets except Apple, on account of the fact that they don't like the "3d boxed set" look. It should start appearing for sale over the weekend at Amazon, Google Play Books, and between Monday-Tuesday, January 25th …

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Geeking Out With Sigil And EPUB Creation, Part 5

Apparently, Google Play Books didn't like my centering!

Amazin’ Amazon? Or Unlimited Fail?

Amazon has been on my mind a great deal lately, not the least of which because I've got a Countdown deal going on, right this second: on Book 1. I have to say, Amazon's timing for the roll out of Kindle Unlimited could not have been more obnoxious for me personally. Right the VERY …

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One of My Saturday Evening Writing Posts There are times, many times, that I feel like I know a great deal about writing, but not all that much about this marketing and branding business it seems I need to be bothering with. It goes against my nature. It's like telling a cat to go swimming. I started this, not only because …

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C’mon Man! Should I have to Start Another Blog?

40 Best Android Apps for Blogging Via Yeah, this post had started as a link shared about the above topic. I actually am not the world's biggest fan of the WordPress App for Android. I find I can do much more from my PC than from the tablet when it comes to blogging. …

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The Great Digression

Yes, I'm right now, at this very moment, writing a blog post instead of writing my new book. Book 2 beckons, my new characters are stomping and snorting and scratching and threatening to explode in my head. But they don't understand that I, their maker, recently took up the wand of the f***-up fairy and …

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