The Inventor’s Son Books

The Inventor’s Son: The Beginning

thenewISTBcoverIt is during a fateful meeting that the destiny of a young boy, his family, and possibly the world, is set. In this introduction to the world of The Inventor’s Son, we meet Malcolm Stanwood, the ambitious politician who sets the events of the series in motion, and his twin brother, the brilliant but flawed inventor and scientist Marcus Stanwood. We learn of the motivations of Professor Colbourne as well as his origins. We are introduced to the mysterious Aloysius Hardwick at the meeting. Most importantly, we meet young Ethan, The Inventor’s Son, whom Marcus will do anything to protect from his former mentor’s insidious grasp.
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Ethan’s adventures will be chronicled in a five six book series, starting with The Inventor’s Son.

The Inventor’s Son

Twelve-year-old Ethan Stanwood is the son of a reclusive and brilliant inventor and scientist. Sickly and isolated, Ethan’s entire world revolves around his father and his work. He believes that this is all his life has to offer him, in spite of the latent magical talents he’d inherited from his mother that are beginning to surface.
When his father abruptly departs London one Monday morning, Ethan’s quiet life is swiftly transformed into a fight for his survival. His father has charged him with bringing their most important prototype back to him, and has only left vague clues for Ethan to follow in order to find him. While Ethan has to try and find his father, he must also face his father’s foes who will stop at nothing to get Ethan and the prototype.
Ethan thinks he knows everything there is to know about his father. He is about to find out how very wrong he is!

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The Scientist’s Son

thenewSScoverEthan Stanwood has a list of obstacles and a plethora of deadly encounters in Book 2. He might have made it to Rome, but if he thought his troubles were over, he could not have been more wrong. Professor Colbourne is more determined than ever to collect the prototype that Ethan has managed to keep out of his hands. A mysterious new witch with links to Ethan’s mother’s family arrives, bringing his own friction into the fray. And in the shadows, Aloysius Hardwick detects another of his own kind that intends to take Ethan and set him on the path of darkness. Hardwick will not allow anyone to claim what he believes is rightfully his. And the consequences of his murderous actions may haunt him, and Ethan, for a long time to come.
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The Explorer’s Son

thenewEScoverIn this pivotal volume of The Inventor’s Son series, Ethan Stanwood has survived yet another series of horrible calamities, but his fortitude may finally run out. Aloysius Hardwick has plans for Ethan that may very well destroy any possibility of him finding his father at long last, at a time when it is most vital that he be reunited with him.
The ranks of fully accomplished dark witches have dwindled to a perilously low number. And Hardwick is more motivated than ever to bring Ethan into the fold and transform him from the heir to the Order of the Crystal Star into a Septimo, a witch capable of killing another with magic.
Ethan’s determination and strength are tested further than they have ever been. While his troubles are mounting, his beloved city of London is quickly becoming a hotbed of danger and rebellion. He only thinks that he is removed from the chaos, until, in an act of terror, the turmoil is brought straight to Ethan and his stalwart companions.
Filled with magic, gadgets, dirigible airships, adventure, mystery and intrigue, The Explorer’s Son will pivot the entire series into a new direction and set the first stages of the final battle between the forces of change and the foes of the new order that is sweeping the world in its blaze…

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The Traitor’s Son

In The Traitor’s Son, Book 4 of The Inventor’s Son Series, Ethan’s quest to find his father has only become more desperate as he realizes that the more time passes, and the more others discover the truth of what Marcus Stanwood has done, the more likely he will be denounced as a traitor to the Crown. Ethan is determined to keep that from happening, but to do it, he himself may have to betray the very things he values the most. Ethan realizes that he will need to ally himself with someone whose ambitions, from the very beginning, have brought out the worst in Marcus Stanwood and have turned Ethan’s life into a chaotic nightmare.

At the very same time, Ethan is wrestling with his own growing powers. His witch master is reluctant to control it, but when Ethan experiences a frightening episode, Hardwick is forced to reconsider. The method he uses to restrict Ethan’s power appears to be a blessing, but could easily turn into an insidious curse.

It is now available at the Kindle Store, the Nook Store, iTunes, Kobo, and Google Play!